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Generate Randomized FF5 Rom (v1.2)

Upload a Final Fantasy 5 ROM, Japanese or patched with the RPGe Translation

Current setting string (check end of this page for more defaults!). Click to copy to your clipboard and save settings for later or share, or apply a custom setting string

Main Options

World Locking Logic

Reward Tiering

Overflow percent: Percent chance of reward location granting higher tier collectibles
Overflow threshold: Number of tiers to pull from, if the above percent chance occurs

Randomized weapons

Weapon randomization percent: Percentage of weapons randomized. Set this lower than 100 to leave weapons in the base game untouched

Randomize Loot (enemy steals & drops)

Variable Loot Percent Value 1-100, only applies when Variable selected above

Four Job Settings

Number of Jobs: Allows for less than 4 jobs. Menu locking system is disabled when less than 4 jobs are set.

Choose which Jobs appear for the seed in Four Job Mode

Chaos Settings


EXP Multiplier Value 1, 2 or 4 (3 defaults to 4)
Battle speed Value 1-6
Red menu color Value 0-31
Green menu color Value 0-31
Blue menu color Value 0-31
Lenna's name (Alphanumeric only, 6 characters max)
Galuf's name (Alphanumeric only, 6 characters max)
Cara's name (Alphanumeric only, 6 characters max)
Faris's name (Alphanumeric only, 6 characters max)

Misc Options

Free Tablets Grant the player between 0 to 4 free tablets
Boss EXP Percent Bosses will award EXP based on their cumulative HP. Choose a multiplier (default 100%)

Portal Boss

One Portal Boss will appear per seed. These are custom endgame bosses to rival Neo Exdeath to achieve the ending. Leave this default if unsure.

Preset Settings

Standard race preset

Standard open worlds

Standard locked worlds with weapon randomization

Standard open worlds with weapon randomization

Four job mode, with locked worlds

Four job mode, with open worlds

Pure chaos, open world