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Generate Randomized FF5 Rom (v0.81)

Upload a Final Fantasy 5 ROM, Japanese or patched with the RPGe Translation

Main Options

World Locking Logic

Reward Tiering

Overflow percent: Percent chance of reward location granting higher tier collectibles
Overflow threshold: Number of tiers to pull from, if the above percent chance occurs

Randomized weapons

Weapon randomization percent: Percentage of weapons randomized. Set this lower than 100 to leave weapons in the base game untouched

Randomize Loot (enemy steals & drops)

Variable Loot Percent Value 1-100, only applies when Variable selected above


EXP Multiplier Value 1, 2 or 4 (3 defaults to 4)
Red menu color Value 0-31
Green menu color Value 0-31
Blue menu color Value 0-31

Portal Boss

One Portal Boss will appear per seed. This list will slowly grow over time with more bosses. Choose which boss will appear. Leave this default if unsure.