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 +If you ever had a chance of planning a boating or camping trip, then it is likely that you would have to be involved in an activity of towing a trailer. If your tow vehicle'​s suspension isn't strong enough to support this weight you can use an equalizing hitch to transfer some of the tongue weight to the front axle. Driving control can also be affected, due to the force of the trailer pushing against the tow vehicle.
 +It's also important to load your caravan correctly and within its limits. You have to note that when you are driving a [[http://​www.abstractfonts.com/​members/​922949|tow truck]], you are not just driving the truck alone. Well before you hitch a trailer to your vehicle, you need to determine whether it is tow-rated.
 +Not until you've done a winter towing safety check for your trailer. Trailers can be tricky to back up, even the small ones, and you don't want to test your skills on a narrow road. The simple explanation is that the brake control should be tuned so the trailer brakes can never quite lock up completely, even with maximum application of the manual brake control.
 +Though it is not necessary to weigh your trailer every time you load it, it is a good idea in the beginning to have a good cross-check to your estimates. The rate should be set so the trailer brakes apply in concert with the truck'​s brakes and neither grab too fast or let the trailer push the truck.
 +Ensure you vehicle is top condition; check the oil, water, transmission and brake fluids, indicators, lights, tyres on vehicle and trailer, drawbar for rust or cracks, check the wheel bearings (that the wheels spin freely) that the lights are working on your trailer, and that the electric brake controller has been calibrated.
 +Cross the safety chains to the hooks near the vehicle hitch or the vehicle frame, making sure there is enough slack in the chains but not so much that they drag on the ground. If your truck just has service brakes, slow the vehicle in 10-mph increments to keep them from overheating on long descents.
 +Before you try any towing whatsoever, make sure you have the right tow vehicle. Loads should be spread evenly across the trailer and not bunched at one end or over one wheel axle. If you turn the back of the tow vehicle to the left the back of the trailer will move to the right and vice versa.
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