ahead-hosting.comI have been an active photographer since high school when I earned a few bucks (or Kroners in Norway) taking pictures for the local newspaper. It paid for my camera equipment - which made my parents happy. Well, that little side line never really ended. I never made a living with photography, but I am to this day earning enough money to more than paying for my equipment. I am now semi-retired and this is part of my retirement income. And fun too!

external pageWebsite Flipping: This is a process of buying and selling of website online for cash. You can make a decent income selling websites online. Many online merchants are looking for web designers that can design good looking websites for them and they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for this. You can Your Info cheap and sell high.

The next step is to enter in your product details. This includes title, description, language, author, publishing date, keywords, and so forth. You may be asked for an ISBN number, but it is not required. If you do not have one, skip this step.

EBay.com is a huge marketplace for buyers and sellers of websites. Buyers on eBay are generally not the most tech savvy people overall. You will get a lot of buyers who will really not understand exactly what they are buying, so you will have to have a certain amount of patience. When selling on eBay it is best to explain as much about the site as you can up front on the auction page so that the buyer has a very clear idea of what they are buying. This works in your favor too, because well informed buyers are more likely to make a purchase.

We try to incorporate at least four income streams into our fully established turnkey websites for sale any more than that and it can be quite problematic, in that it is hard to keep track of everything. We stick to the four major internet revenue producers.

A .pdf file is a Portable Document File (hence the acronym .pdf) which makes the document portable electronically. The .pdf can now be moved from computer to computer using the internet.

empireflippers.comThen I searched for “turnkey websites for sale established”. Hey up, there were only 193 listings, the majority of which were for adult sites that a lot of people wouldn't want to get involved in.

Assuming that you've written your story using a computer rather than handwriting or typing it onto a piece of paper, the word processing program you've used will have enabled you to save the story in some sort of file.

Most of the people designing this stuff say that it's so simple and easy to use. “Wrong”! The average marketer has nothing in common with the designers of this stuff. What seems so easy and simple in geek speak is gibberish to the rest of us.

Look- the bottom line is this - you can learn all this stuff on your own but you will be on such a steep learning curve, you will fall off! Take the easy way out and get the help you need.

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