When bosses get too difficult you may find grinding for levels or abilities to be your best option. Instant death effects, when they hit, generally work on enemies listed unless otherwise specified.

World 1

Formation(s) HP (ea.) Lvl XP (tot.) AP (tot. 1x) Gil (tot.) Enc. % Location Weaknesses Strats
Wild Nack (x5) 95 15 350 1 625 Forest East of Karnak Fire Fire scroll; Fire rod; Fire2–3 spell; Ifrit; Lvl.3 Flare
BlackFlame (x5) 220 22 1450 3 870 Crescent chain plains/beach Water Water scroll; !Terrain (beaches only) 1)
Skull Eater (x1–6) 1 32 300x? 5 100x? Jachol cave (Gil cave) Guaranteed-to-hit atk. (Each appears after the first; will run)

World 2

World 3

Formation(s) HP (ea.) Lvl XP (tot.) AP (tot. 1x) Gil (tot.) Enc. % Location Weaknesses Strats
Wild Nack (x5) 95 15 350 1 625 100% Grassland of first peninsula SE of Island Shrine Fire See Wild Nack – W1
Slug (x4) 1820 42 4400 3 1812 35% Grassland between Kelb and Mt. Hiryuu; tiny sliver of SW peninsula of West continent Fire See Wild Nack; Lvl.3 Flare
GloomWidow (x3) 1820 42 3300 3 1368 35% Water See BlackFlame; Lvl.3 Flare
Slug(x2)+GloomW(x2) 42 4400 3 1818 23% AOE; Lvl.3 Flare
Ammonite (x5) 2780 48 5850 ? 2865 42% Sea area immediately W of Torna Canal AOE; Lvl4Qtr+Lvl3Flare
Ankheg(x1) + Ammon(x3) Ank:2780 Ank:48 4760 ? 2289 35% Ice
ShieldDrgn (x1) 19999 29 10000 ? 1000 Sealed Castle Only viable strat: !Control, then use Almagest on self; will run at half HP otherwise. No instadeath.



Formation(s) HP (ea.) Lvl XP (tot.) AP (tot. x1) Gil (tot.) Enc. % Location Weaknesses Strats
MossFungus (x3) 5000 48 4560 4 1773 Void Forest Fire, Water See Wild Nack & BlackFlame; Lvl4Qtr+Lvl3Flare
Farfarello (x5) 2580 48 6950 7 3030 Poison Poison rod, Bio AOE; Lvl4Qtr+Lvl3Flare
White Flame (x4) + MossF (x1) WF:1600 WF:49 7240 4 2943 Any AOE
WF(x2) + MossF(x1) + Farf(x1) 5770 4 2373 Any AOE
Achelone (x3) 3200 52 4440 5 1926 Void Caves Water See BlackFlame; Lvl4Qtr+Lvl3Flare
Orcat (x4) 2100 49 5400 4 2376 Water, Earth See BlackFlame; !Terrain; Titan/Quake/Earth hammer/Gaia bell
Orcat (x2) + Ach (x1) 4180 4 1830 Water See BlackFlame

Gil grind

Jachol cave (Gil cave) can be used to grind for cash. Save outside the East entrance of the cave and walk South under the ceiling, following the path that loops East until you start stepping on gil that doubles with each step. Commit yourself to taking 10 steps only for nearly 10k gil. If you do so without incident, cast Exit/Teleport or walk out, then save, and repeat the process. If you encounter the Gil Turtle, perform a soft or hard reset and try again. Only a soft or hard reset will refresh the RNG that determines where the Turtle appears. Repeat until you have enough gil to for your goal.3)

See also

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Note Leviathan is not water-elemental!
It is this editor's opinion that the only thing worth grinding gil for is to buy Running Shoes (Hermes Sandals). For !Giltoss versus Exdeath, you will likely receive enough gil from chests in the Void.
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