Hint System

Starting in v0.78, a full hint system exists for the randomizer. The goal of the hint system is to provide brevity to seeds, by telling the player about helpful information on where key items are, and where they may not be.

Path of the Void Hints

Path of the Void hints will refer to any location where any of the key items required to access any of the 4 Tablets may be present. It could be as simple as telling the player a Tablet is in an area with no key item requirements (such as any of the Meteors in World 1), or it could refer to any long string of key items. For example, the Path of the Void may refer to Steamship Key, which then is used in conjunction with a Trench Page to get access to the Great Trench, which has a Tablet.

Barren Hints

Barren hints specifically refer to areas where there are no key items whatsoever. They refer to a generic 'area_tag' instead of a direct location. For example, a barren hint could be for a “tower” area, which could refer to all locations in towers (above-ground Walse Tower, Barrier Tower, Fork Tower). If one were to get a barren hint for this, checking tower locations would only result in item/magic/ability/crystal collectible rewards, not key items.

World Hints

World hints will refer to key items appearing in a specific World, either 1, 2 or 3. The key items chosen are completely random and may or may not be required for accessing the 4 Tablets.

Direct Hints

Direct hints will choose a key item and tell the player its location. Some locations may have multiple key items, such as Exdeath's Castle or Fork Tower. The key items chosen are completely random and may or may not be required for accessing the 4 Tablets.

Number of hints per seed

The hint system has the following types of hints:

  • 5 Path of the Void hints
  • 0-3 Barren hints
  • 3-6 World hints
  • 4 Direct hints

There may be fewer Barren hints relevant to the seed than 3 (in that there are less than 3 barren locations), so any hints that are not used for Barren hints are converted to World hints.

Hint Tags

Areas are given “hint tags” to offer helpful clues as to where a key item may be, without giving the exact location. This list may change & grow (multiple tags per location) over time.

LocationHint Tags
Ancient Librarylibrary
Torna Canalship
Ship Graveyardship
North Mountainmountainous
Walse Towertower
Desert of Shifting Sandsdesert
Tycoon Meteormeteor
Flying Lonka Ruinsaerial
Lonka Meteormeteor
Walse Meteormeteor
Karnak Meteormeteor
Ancient Librarylibrary
Walse Kingdomcastle
Exdeath's Castlecastle
Big Bridgebridge
Moogle Waterwaycave
Bal Castlecastle
Hiryuu Valleymountainous
Zeza Fleetship
Barrier Towertower
Mua Forestburning
Exdeath's Castlecastle
Tule Passcave
Bal Castlecave
Great Trenchunderwater
Fork Towertower
Istory Fallsunderwater
Solitary Islandbridge
Walse Towerunderwater
North Mountainmountainous

Hint Locations

There are 15 locations where hints are available via NPCs. Simply talk with these NPCs to get their hints. Some require key items & world access to reach.

Chancellor in Tycoon (after reward cutscene in Tower)

Zokk in Tule

Scholar in Karnak (north)

Guido in Ancient Library

Scholar in Walse Castle

Woman in Surgate, after library “puzzle”

Kelgar in Kelb

Wizard in Bal

Wizard in Mua

Wizard in Rugor

Bartender in Mirage Village

Bartendee in Mirage Village

Dwarf in Great Trench

Dwarf in Great Trench

Dwarf in Great Trench

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