Version Releases

Current version: 1.0

1.0 Hotfixes:

6/8/2019 - Fixed a bug with magic sword spells not being awarded upon buying magic. Fixed a bug with reward multipliers only affecting the first enemy in a formation.

How to download

Visit and follow the instructions. You will have to supply a Final Fantasy V ROM, either the original Japanese version (preferable) or RPGe translated patched version. You can select which features you'd like. For any feature (including experimental), if you end up having troubles or simply want to enable/disable a feature, repatch the original ROM and rename it the same as your current playthrough's ROM (then replace the old ROM), and your save file should work.



  • Cutscenes are removed or abbreviated. The design approach was to keep the spirit of the game in tact, but to largely cut out content that detracts from core gameplay.
  • Both default speed and dash speed is increased. World map allows for dashing, and vehicle speeds are doubled.
  • Destination information is located in the “Key” area in the item menu. While playing the main game, it is possible the player becomes lost as a result of abbreviated cutscenes. 'Destination' will guide the player on where to go next.
  • Encounters and reward multipliers (1x, 2x and 4x bonus to all EXP/ABP) can be toggled on/off within the in-game “Config” menu.

Optional features

  • Options for the abilities “Dash”, “Passages”, “Learning”, and “Pitfalls” to always be active are available.
  • A patch for awarding boss EXP is available. With this patch, fighting bosses alone will yield a Level ~30 party throughout the game, fluctuating with optional bosses.

Other notes

  • Most gameplay elements are unchanged, where the player progresses events & bosses normally through the game. In some cases, in the spirit of creating fluid gameplay, some changes were implemented. Currently there are the following changes:
    • After warping from World 1 to World 2, the Solitary Island tent & Abductor sequence was removed. The player will transition straight from World 1 to playing as Galuf in Exdeath's castle in World 2.
    • After the Guardians battle in Mua Forest, the Galuf x Exdeath cutscene battle is removed. After battle, Cara will receive the Bracelet, then the game will continue.

Known bugs

  • In the Moogle Forest area in World 2, dash speed on the world map will lock based whether or not the player is in an encounter area or not. This is a known side-effect of how dashing on the world map works, which is triggered when encounter-less tiles are present.
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