Weapon Randomization Chart

Spell weapons

Weapon strength is based on two main factors:

  • A value assigned to every spell
  • The weapon type's bonus

A Ice2 staff has a set value of 55 base attack power. Thus a Ice2 Knife would be 58 (55 + 3), and a Ice2 Flail would be 62 (55 + 7).

Weapon tier is based off the corresponding spell's tier.

Only Knives and Swords will have element up / attacking elemental properties. This is due to the base game's formulas, where other weapon types (e.g., Axe) have custom attack formulas that do not support elemental attribution. To 'balance' this, non-elemental weapons are given more substantive stat bonuses (Axes, Katanas, Harps, Flails).

Weapon type bonus


Killer weapons

Spears, Bows and Whips are weapons that will get Killer qualities. Each of these three weapon types have different power levels for their killer qualities, then all end with Heavy and Omni for their best. The point of having different order killer qualities is to promote different strategies for early/mid/late-game:

TypeOrder (increasing Strength)
SpearsToad, Human, Avis, Desert, Beast, Undead, Dragon, Heavy, Omni
BowsToad, Undead, Desert, Beast, Dragon, Human, Avis, Heavy, Omni
WhipsToad, Human, Dragon, Avis, Desert, Undead, Beast, Heavy, Omni

Full Weapon Chart

TypeNamePowerShop PriceTierStatsElement Up / Attacking Element
knifeCure Knife63001Magic Power +1-
knifeAntdt Knife126001Magic Power +1-
knifeMute Knife158001Magic Power +1-
knifeArmor Knife1810001Magic Power +1-
knifeSize Knife2110001Magic Power +1-
knifeCure2 Knife2420002Magic Power +2-
knifeLife Knife2720002Magic Power +2-
knifeCharm Knife3020002Magic Power +2-
knifeImage Knife3320002Magic Power +2-
knifeShell Knife3630002Magic Power +2-
knifeHeal Knife3930003Magic Power +3-
knifeCure3 Knife4230004Magic Power +3-
knifeWall Knife4540003Magic Power +3-
knifeBersk Knife4840003Magic Power +3-
knifeLife2 Knife5140004-Holy
knifeHoly Knife5440007-Holy
knifeDispel Knife5750003Magic Power +5-
knifeFire Knife3730001-Fire
knifeIce Knife3730001-Ice
knifeBolt Knife3730001-Lightning
knifeVenom Knife4940001Magic Power +1-
knifeSleep Knife5040001Magic Power +1-
knifeToad Knife5240001Magic Power +1-
knifeFire2 Knife5850002-Fire
knifeIce2 Knife5850002-Ice
knifeBolt2 Knife5850002-Lightning
knifeDrain Knife6660002Magic Power +2-
knifeBreak Knife7370003Magic Power +2-
knifeBio Knife7370003-Poison
knifeFire3 Knife8280004-Fire
knifeIce3 Knife8280004-Ice
knifeBolt3 Knife8280004-Lightning
knifeFlare Knife113120007Magic Power +5-
knifeDoom Knife108110005Magic Power +5-
knifePsych Knife9590003Magic Power +5-
knifeSlow Knife169001Strength +1-
knifeRegen Knife1810001Strength +1-
knifeHaste Knife2420001Strength +1-
knifeFloat Knife2520001Strength +1-
knifeDemi Knife2920001Strength +2-
knifeStop Knife3420002Strength +2-
knifeComet Knife4230003Magic Power +2-
knifeSlow2 Knife4840003Strength +1-
knifeQrter Knife5950004--
knifeHast2 Knife6660004Strength +5-
knifeOld Knife7260003Magic Power +2-
knifeMeteo Knife108110007Magic Power +3-
knifeXzone Knife102100004Magic Power +3-
knifeCondemn Knife3730004-Poison
knifeRoulette Knife158001Magic Power +1-
knifeAquaRake Knife5040002Magic Power +1-
knifeL5 Doom Knife8780006Vitality +3-
knifeL4 Qrter Knife6860004Vitality +2-
knifeL2 Old Knife6860006Vitality +2-
knifeL3 Flare Knife6860004Vitality +1-
knifeFrogSong Knife2520001Magic Power +1-
knifeTinySong Knife2620001Magic Power +1-
knifeFlash Knife2010001Magic Power +1-
knifeTime Slip Knife1910001Magic Power +1-
knifeMoonFlut Knife2010001Magic Power +1-
knifeDethClaw Knife4230002-Earth
knifeAero Knife3730001-Wind
knifeAero 2 Knife5850002-Wind
knifeAero 3 Knife8280005-Wind
knifeEmission Knife4740002-Fire
knifeGblinPnch Knife126001Strength +1-
knifeDrkShock Knife8070004-Earth
knifeGuardOff Knife6960003-Earth
knifeFusion Knife3220002Magic Power +2-
knifeMindBlst Knife9090005Magic Power +2-
knifeVampire Knife169001Vitality +2-
knifeHammer Knife2420001Magic Power +1-
knifeMgthyGrd Knife105110007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
knifeExploder Knife3530002Vitality +5-
knife???? Knife1910001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
knifeBlowfish Knife6250005Vitality +2-
knifeWhiteWind Knife7160005-Wind
knifeMissile Knife3630002Vitality +3-
swordCure Sword73001Magic Power +1-
swordAntdt Sword137001Magic Power +1-
swordMute Sword169001Magic Power +1-
swordArmor Sword1910001Magic Power +1-
swordSize Sword2210001Magic Power +1-
swordCure2 Sword2520002Magic Power +2-
swordLife Sword2820002Magic Power +2-
swordCharm Sword3120002Magic Power +2-
swordImage Sword3420002Magic Power +2-
swordShell Sword3730002Magic Power +2-
swordHeal Sword4030003Magic Power +3-
swordCure3 Sword4330004Magic Power +3-
swordWall Sword4640003Magic Power +3-
swordBersk Sword4940003Magic Power +3-
swordLife2 Sword5240004--
swordHoly Sword5550007--
swordDispel Sword5850003Magic Power +5-
swordFire Sword3830001-Fire
swordIce Sword3830001-Ice
swordBolt Sword3830001-Lightning
swordVenom Sword5040001Magic Power +1-
swordSleep Sword5140001Magic Power +1-
swordToad Sword5340001Magic Power +1-
swordFire2 Sword5950002-Fire
swordIce2 Sword5950002-Ice
swordBolt2 Sword5950002-Lightning
swordDrain Sword6760002Magic Power +2-
swordBreak Sword7470003Magic Power +2-
swordBio Sword7470003-Poison
swordFire3 Sword8380004-Fire
swordIce3 Sword8380004-Ice
swordBolt3 Sword8380004-Lightning
swordFlare Sword114120007Magic Power +5-
swordDoom Sword109110005Magic Power +5-
swordPsych Sword9690003Magic Power +5-
swordSlow Sword1710001Strength +1-
swordRegen Sword1910001Strength +1-
swordHaste Sword2520001Strength +1-
swordFloat Sword2620001Strength +1-
swordDemi Sword3020001Strength +2-
swordStop Sword3530002Strength +2-
swordComet Sword4330003Magic Power +2-
swordSlow2 Sword4940003Strength +1-
swordQrter Sword6050004--
swordHast2 Sword6760004Strength +5-
swordOld Sword7370003Magic Power +2-
swordMeteo Sword109110007Magic Power +3-
swordXzone Sword103100004Magic Power +3-
swordCondemn Sword3830004-Poison
swordRoulette Sword169001Magic Power +1-
swordAquaRake Sword5140002Magic Power +1-
swordL5 Doom Sword8880006Vitality +3-
swordL4 Qrter Sword6960004Vitality +2-
swordL2 Old Sword6960006Vitality +2-
swordL3 Flare Sword6960004Vitality +1-
swordFrogSong Sword2620001Magic Power +1-
swordTinySong Sword2720001Magic Power +1-
swordFlash Sword2110001Magic Power +1-
swordTime Slip Sword2010001Magic Power +1-
swordMoonFlut Sword2110001Magic Power +1-
swordDethClaw Sword4330002-Earth
swordAero Sword3830001-Wind
swordAero 2 Sword5950002-Wind
swordAero 3 Sword8380005-Wind
swordEmission Sword4840002-Fire
swordGblinPnch Sword137001Strength +1-
swordDrkShock Sword8180004-Earth
swordGuardOff Sword7060003-Earth
swordFusion Sword3320002Magic Power +2-
swordMindBlst Sword9190005Magic Power +2-
swordVampire Sword1710001Vitality +2-
swordHammer Sword2520001Magic Power +1-
swordMgthyGrd Sword106110007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
swordExploder Sword3630002Vitality +5-
sword???? Sword2010001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
swordBlowfish Sword6350005Vitality +2-
swordWhiteWind Sword7260005-Wind
swordMissile Sword3730002Vitality +3-
knightswordCure Knightsword148001Magic Power +1-
knightswordAntdt Knightsword2010001Magic Power +1-
knightswordMute Knightsword2310001Magic Power +1-
knightswordArmor Knightsword2620001Magic Power +1-
knightswordSize Knightsword2920001Magic Power +1-
knightswordCure2 Knightsword3220002Magic Power +2-
knightswordLife Knightsword3530002Magic Power +2-
knightswordCharm Knightsword3830002Magic Power +2-
knightswordImage Knightsword4130002Magic Power +2-
knightswordShell Knightsword4430002Magic Power +2-
knightswordHeal Knightsword4740003Magic Power +3-
knightswordCure3 Knightsword5040004Magic Power +3-
knightswordWall Knightsword5340003Magic Power +3-
knightswordBersk Knightsword5650003Magic Power +3-
knightswordLife2 Knightsword5950004--
knightswordHoly Knightsword6250007--
knightswordDispel Knightsword6560003Magic Power +5-
knightswordFire Knightsword4540001-Fire
knightswordIce Knightsword4540001-Ice
knightswordBolt Knightsword4540001-Lightning
knightswordVenom Knightsword5750001Magic Power +1-
knightswordSleep Knightsword5850001Magic Power +1-
knightswordToad Knightsword6050001Magic Power +1-
knightswordFire2 Knightsword6660002-Fire
knightswordIce2 Knightsword6660002-Ice
knightswordBolt2 Knightsword6660002-Lightning
knightswordDrain Knightsword7470002Magic Power +2-
knightswordBreak Knightsword8180003Magic Power +2-
knightswordBio Knightsword8180003-Poison
knightswordFire3 Knightsword9090004-Fire
knightswordIce3 Knightsword9090004-Ice
knightswordBolt3 Knightsword9090004-Lightning
knightswordFlare Knightsword121130007Magic Power +5-
knightswordDoom Knightsword116120005Magic Power +5-
knightswordPsych Knightsword103100003Magic Power +5-
knightswordSlow Knightsword2420001Strength +1-
knightswordRegen Knightsword2620001Strength +1-
knightswordHaste Knightsword3220001Strength +1-
knightswordFloat Knightsword3320001Strength +1-
knightswordDemi Knightsword3730001Strength +2-
knightswordStop Knightsword4230002Strength +2-
knightswordComet Knightsword5040003Magic Power +2-
knightswordSlow2 Knightsword5650003Strength +1-
knightswordQrter Knightsword6760004--
knightswordHast2 Knightsword7470004Strength +5-
knightswordOld Knightsword8070003Magic Power +2-
knightswordMeteo Knightsword116120007Magic Power +3-
knightswordXzone Knightsword110110004Magic Power +3-
knightswordCondemn Knightsword4540004-Poison
knightswordRoulette Knightsword2310001Magic Power +1-
knightswordAquaRake Knightsword5850002Magic Power +1-
knightswordL5 Doom Knightsword9590006Vitality +3-
knightswordL4 Qrter Knightsword7670004Vitality +2-
knightswordL2 Old Knightsword7670006Vitality +2-
knightswordL3 Flare Knightsword7670004Vitality +1-
knightswordFrogSong Knightsword3320001Magic Power +1-
knightswordTinySong Knightsword3420001Magic Power +1-
knightswordFlash Knightsword2820001Magic Power +1-
knightswordTime Slip Knightsword2720001Magic Power +1-
knightswordMoonFlut Knightsword2820001Magic Power +1-
knightswordDethClaw Knightsword5040002-Earth
knightswordAero Knightsword4540001-Wind
knightswordAero 2 Knightsword6660002-Wind
knightswordAero 3 Knightsword9090005-Wind
knightswordEmission Knightsword5550002-Fire
knightswordGblinPnch Knightsword2010001Strength +1-
knightswordDrkShock Knightsword8880004-Earth
knightswordGuardOff Knightsword7770003-Earth
knightswordFusion Knightsword4030002Magic Power +2-
knightswordMindBlst Knightsword98100005Magic Power +2-
knightswordVampire Knightsword2420001Vitality +2-
knightswordHammer Knightsword3220001Magic Power +1-
knightswordMgthyGrd Knightsword113120007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
knightswordExploder Knightsword4330002Vitality +5-
knightsword???? Knightsword2720001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
knightswordBlowfish Knightsword7060005Vitality +2-
knightswordWhiteWind Knightsword7970005-Wind
knightswordMissile Knightsword4430002Vitality +3-
axeCure Axe2010001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeAntdt Axe2620001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeMute Axe2920001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeArmor Axe3220001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeSize Axe3530001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeCure2 Axe3830002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeLife Axe4130002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeCharm Axe4430002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeImage Axe4740002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeShell Axe5040002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeHeal Axe5340003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeCure3 Axe5650004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeWall Axe5950003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeBersk Axe6250003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeLife2 Axe6560004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeHoly Axe6860007Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeDispel Axe7160003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeFire Axe5140001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeIce Axe5140001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeBolt Axe5140001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeVenom Axe6350001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeSleep Axe6460001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeToad Axe6660001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeFire2 Axe7260002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeIce2 Axe7260002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeBolt2 Axe7260002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeDrain Axe8070002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeBreak Axe8780003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeBio Axe8780003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeFire3 Axe9690004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeIce3 Axe9690004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeBolt3 Axe9690004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeFlare Axe127140007Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeDoom Axe122130005Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axePsych Axe109110003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeSlow Axe3020001Strength, Vitality +1-
axeRegen Axe3220001Strength, Vitality +1-
axeHaste Axe3830001Strength, Vitality +1-
axeFloat Axe3930001Strength, Vitality +1-
axeDemi Axe4330001Strength, Vitality +2-
axeStop Axe4840002Strength, Vitality +2-
axeComet Axe5650003Strength, Vitality +2-
axeSlow2 Axe6250003Strength, Vitality +3-
axeQrter Axe7370004Strength, Vitality +3-
axeHast2 Axe8070004Strength, Vitality +5-
axeOld Axe8680003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeMeteo Axe122130007Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeXzone Axe116120004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeCondemn Axe5140004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeRoulette Axe2920001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeAquaRake Axe6460002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeL5 Doom Axe101100006Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeL4 Qrter Axe8280004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeL2 Old Axe8280006Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeL3 Flare Axe8280004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeFrogSong Axe3930001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeTinySong Axe4030001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeFlash Axe3420001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeTime Slip Axe3320001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeMoonFlut Axe3420001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1-
axeDethClaw Axe5650002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeAero Axe5140001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeAero 2 Axe7260002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeAero 3 Axe9690005Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeEmission Axe6150002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeGblinPnch Axe2620001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeDrkShock Axe9490004Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeGuardOff Axe8380003Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeFusion Axe4640002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeMindBlst Axe104100005Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeVampire Axe3020001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeHammer Axe3830001Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeMgthyGrd Axe119120007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5-
axeExploder Axe4940002Strength, Vitality +5-
axe???? Axe3320001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeBlowfish Axe7670005Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
axeWhiteWind Axe8580005Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3-
axeMissile Axe5040002Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2-
katanaCure Katana126001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaAntdt Katana1810001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaMute Katana2110001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaArmor Katana2420001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaSize Katana2720001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaCure2 Katana3020002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaLife Katana3320002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaCharm Katana3630002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaImage Katana3930002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaShell Katana4230002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaHeal Katana4540003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaCure3 Katana4840004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaWall Katana5140003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaBersk Katana5440003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaLife2 Katana5750004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaHoly Katana6050007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaDispel Katana6350003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaFire Katana4330001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaIce Katana4330001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaBolt Katana4330001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaVenom Katana5550001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaSleep Katana5650001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaToad Katana5850001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaFire2 Katana6460002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaIce2 Katana6460002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaBolt2 Katana6460002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaDrain Katana7260002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaBreak Katana7970003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaBio Katana7970003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaFire3 Katana8880004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaIce3 Katana8880004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaBolt3 Katana8880004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaFlare Katana119120007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaDoom Katana114120005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaPsych Katana101100003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaSlow Katana2210001Agility, Vitality +1-
katanaRegen Katana2420001Agility, Vitality +1-
katanaHaste Katana3020001Agility, Vitality +1-
katanaFloat Katana3120001Agility, Vitality +1-
katanaDemi Katana3530001Agility, Vitality +2-
katanaStop Katana4030002Agility, Vitality +2-
katanaComet Katana4840003Agility, Vitality +2-
katanaSlow2 Katana5440003Agility, Vitality +3-
katanaQrter Katana6560004Agility, Vitality +3-
katanaHast2 Katana7260004Agility, Vitality +5-
katanaOld Katana7870003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaMeteo Katana114120007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaXzone Katana108110004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaCondemn Katana4330004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaRoulette Katana2110001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaAquaRake Katana5650002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaL5 Doom Katana9390006Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaL4 Qrter Katana7470004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaL2 Old Katana7470006Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaL3 Flare Katana7470004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaFrogSong Katana3120001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaTinySong Katana3220001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaFlash Katana2620001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaTime Slip Katana2520001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaMoonFlut Katana2620001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
katanaDethClaw Katana4840002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaAero Katana4330001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaAero 2 Katana6460002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaAero 3 Katana8880005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaEmission Katana5340002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
katanaGblinPnch Katana1810001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaDrkShock Katana8680004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaGuardOff Katana7570003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaFusion Katana3830002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaMindBlst Katana9690005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaVampire Katana2210001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaHammer Katana3020001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaMgthyGrd Katana111110007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaExploder Katana4130002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katana???? Katana2520001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
katanaBlowfish Katana6860005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaWhiteWind Katana7770005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
katanaMissile Katana4230002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
rodFire1 Rod363001Magic Power +1-
rodIce1 Rod363001Magic Power +1-
rodBolt1 Rod363001Magic Power +1-
rodVenom Rod484001Magic Power +1-
rodSleep Rod494001Magic Power +1-
rodToad Rod514001Magic Power +1-
rodFire2 Rod575002Magic Power +1-
rodIce2 Rod575002Magic Power +1-
rodBolt2 Rod575002Magic Power +1-
rodDrain Rod656002Magic Power +1-
rodBreak Rod726003Magic Power +1-
rodBio Rod726003Magic Power +1-
rodFire3 Rod818004Magic Power +1-
rodIce3 Rod818004Magic Power +1-
rodBolt3 Rod818004Magic Power +1-
rodFlare Rod11212007Magic Power +1-
rodDoom Rod10711005Magic Power +1-
rodPsych Rod949003Magic Power +1-
staffCure Staff35001Magic Power +1-
staffAntdt Staff920001Magic Power +1-
staffMute Staff1230001Magic Power +1-
staffArmor Staff1540001Magic Power +1-
staffSize Staff1850001Magic Power +1-
staffCure2 Staff2150002Magic Power +2-
staffLife Staff24100002Magic Power +2-
staffCharm Staff27100002Magic Power +2-
staffImage Staff30100002Magic Power +2-
staffShell Staff33100002Magic Power +2-
staffHeal Staff36150003Magic Power +3-
staffCure3 Staff39250004Magic Power +3-
staffWall Staff42150003Magic Power +3-
staffBersk Staff45200003Magic Power +3-
staffLife2 Staff48300004Magic Power +5-
staffDispel Staff54200003Magic Power +5-
harpCure Harp54001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpAntdt Harp1112001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpMute Harp1416001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpArmor Harp1720001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpSize Harp2020001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpCure2 Harp2320002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpLife Harp2640002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpCharm Harp2940002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpImage Harp3240002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpShell Harp3560002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpHeal Harp3860003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpCure3 Harp4160004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpWall Harp4460003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpBersk Harp4780003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpLife2 Harp5080004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpHoly Harp5380007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpDispel Harp56100003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpFire Harp3660001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpIce Harp3660001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpBolt Harp3660001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpVenom Harp4880001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpSleep Harp4980001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpToad Harp5180001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpFire2 Harp57100002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpIce2 Harp57100002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpBolt2 Harp57100002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpDrain Harp65120002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpBreak Harp72120003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpBio Harp72120003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpFire3 Harp81160004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpIce3 Harp81160004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpBolt3 Harp81160004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpFlare Harp112240007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpDoom Harp107220005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpPsych Harp94180003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpSlow Harp1516001Agility, Vitality +1-
harpRegen Harp1720001Agility, Vitality +1-
harpHaste Harp2320001Agility, Vitality +1-
harpFloat Harp2440001Agility, Vitality +1-
harpDemi Harp2840001Agility, Vitality +2-
harpStop Harp3340002Agility, Vitality +2-
harpComet Harp4160003Agility, Vitality +2-
harpSlow2 Harp4780003Agility, Vitality +3-
harpQrter Harp58100004Agility, Vitality +3-
harpHast2 Harp65120004Agility, Vitality +5-
harpOld Harp71120003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpMeteo Harp107220007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpXzone Harp101200004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpCondemn Harp3660004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpRoulette Harp1416001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpAquaRake Harp4980002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpL5 Doom Harp86160006Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpL4 Qrter Harp67120004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpL2 Old Harp67120006Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpL3 Flare Harp67120004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpFrogSong Harp2440001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpTinySong Harp2540001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpFlash Harp1920001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpTime Slip Harp1820001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpMoonFlut Harp1920001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +1-
harpDethClaw Harp4160002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpAero Harp3660001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpAero 2 Harp57100002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpAero 3 Harp81160005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpEmission Harp4680002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +2-
harpGblinPnch Harp1112001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpDrkShock Harp79140004Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpGuardOff Harp68120003Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpFusion Harp3140002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpMindBlst Harp89180005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpVampire Harp1516001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpHammer Harp2320001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpMgthyGrd Harp104200007Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpExploder Harp3440002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harp???? Harp1820001Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +5-
harpBlowfish Harp61100005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpWhiteWind Harp70120005Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
harpMissile Harp3560002Agility, Magic Power, Vitality +3-
flailStmcAcid Flail153001-
flailBlaze Flail176001-
flailEShock Flail199001-
flailEntangle Flail2112002-
flailMiniBlaz Flail2315002-
flailMucus Flail2518002-
flailSpore Flail2721002-
flailRnbwWind Flail2924002-
flailStrngDnc Flail3127003-
flailEMField Flail3330003-
flailRcktPnch Flail3533003-
flailQuiksand Flail3736003-
flailThread Flail3939003-
flailKururu Flail4142004-
flailGravity Flail4345004-
flailAllure Flail4548004-
flailMstrdBmb Flail4751004-
flailFight Flail4954004-
flailJump Flail5157005-
flailWindSlsh Flail5360005-
flailDarkness Flail5563005-
flailPsnBreth Flail5766005-
flailAtmicRay Flail5969005-
flailTrueEdge Flail6172006-
flailStrFight Flail6375006-
flailBone Flail6578006-
flailEShaker Flail6781006-
flailDeltaAtk Flail6984006-
flailBlaster Flail7187007-
flailBeak Flail7390007-
flailHug Flail7593007-
flailSnowstrm Flail7796007-
flailSncWave Flail7999007-
flailQuake Flail81102007-
flailReaperSw Flail83105007-
flailTidlWave Flail85108007-
flailHurricne Flail87111008-
flailTailscrw Flail89114008-
flailMegaFlar Flail91117008-
flailBrthWing Flail93120008-
flailFlame Flail95123008-
flailThunder Flail97126008-
flailDemonEye Flail99129008-
flailMaelstrm Flail101132009-
flailSurgBeam Flail103135009-
flailSuperAtk Flail105138009-
flailGigaFlar Flail107141009-
flailDnceODed Flail109144009-
flailZombPwdr Flail111147009-
flailZombBrth Flail113150009-
bowToad Killer Bow2120001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1ArchaeToad
bowZomb Killer Bow3130002Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1Undead
bowDesrt Killer Bow4240003Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Desert
bowBeast Killer Bow5250004Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Beast
bowDrgn Killer Bow6270005Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Dragon
bowHuman Killer Bow7280006Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Human
bowAvis Killer Bow82100007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Avis
bowHeavy Killer Bow93150008Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5Heavy
bowOmni Killer Bow103250009Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5All
spearToad Killer Spear2420001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1ArchaeToad
spearHuman Killer Spear3430002Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1Dragon
spearAvis Killer Spear4440003Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Avis
spearDesrt Killer Spear5460004Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Desert
spearBeast Killer Spear6570005Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Beast
spearZomb Killer Spear7580006Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Undead
spearDrgn Killer Spear85100007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Human
spearHeavy Killer Spear95150008Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5Heavy
spearOmni Killer Spear105250009Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5All
whipToad Killer Whip2320001Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1ArchaeToad
whipHuman Killer Whip3330002Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +1Dragon
whipDrgn Killer Whip4340003Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Human
whipAvis Killer Whip5450004Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +2Avis
whipDesrt Killer Whip6470005Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Desert
whipZomb Killer Whip7480006Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Undead
whipBeast Killer Whip84100007Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +3Beast
whipHeavy Killer Whip94150008Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5Heavy
whipOmni Killer Whip104250009Agility, Magic Power, Strength, Vitality +5All
bellGuard Bell1710001Vitality +3-
bellBuildUp Bell3020002Strength +3-
bellMantra Bell2420002Vitality +3-
bellEscape Bell126001Agility +3-
bellSteal Bell2820002Agility +3-
bellCapture Bell6050005Agility +3-
bellJump Bell4840004Strength +2-
bellDrgnSwd Bell7160006Strength, Vitality +3-
bellImage Bell3930003Agility +5-
bellGilToss Bell97100008Strength +2-
bellSlash Bell9290007Strength +5-
bellAnimals Bell4230003Agility +2-
bellX-Fight Bell110110009Strength +2-
bellConjure Bell8280006Magic Power +2-
bellTerrain Bell148001Magic Power +2-
bellAnalyze Bell126001Vitality +1-
bellDance Bell5440004Agility, Strength +1-
bellFlirt Bell1810001Magic Power +1-
bellTame Bell4130003Strength +3-
knifeElements Knife7970006--
swordElements Sword8070006--
knightswordElements KSword8780006--
spearElements Spear8990006--
axeElements Axe9390006--
katanaElements Katana8580006--
rodElements Rod7870006--
staffElements Staff7670006--
bowElements Bow8680006--
harpElements Harp7870006--
whipElements Whip8880006--
bellElements Bell8180006--
flailElements Flail8380006--
rodHoly Rod11212007Magic Power +5-
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