Boss Locations

This page lists where to find the different bosses that have a chance to drop Key Items or a high-value reward. This does not include the four Gargoyle Statue fights, or bosses in the Void, because they never provide rewards.

For the following chart, depending on your settings, World 2 locations may require the Adamantite (to unlock world 2), and World 3 locations may require the Elder Branch & Bracelet (to unlock Exdeath's Castle, where defeating Exdeath awards World 3 access). Refer to this page for a boss tiering explanation.

LOCATIONTierRankWorldAreaRequired key item
WingRaptor11World 1Wind Shrine-
Karlabos12World 1Torna Canal-
Siren13World 1Ship Graveyard-
Magisa / Forza 14World 1North Mountain-
Galura15World 1Walse TowerWalse Key
LiquiFlame16World 1SteamshipSteamship Key
Iron Claw17World 1Karnak Castle (Burning)Steamship Key
Ifrit18World 1Ancient Library-
Shiva19World 1Walse Castle-
Byblos110World 1Ancient LibraryIfrits Fire
Crayclaw111World 1Ruined City Base-
Sandworm112World 1DesertSandWormBait
AdamanTiMi213World 1Tycoon Meteor-
Sol Cannon214World 1Lonka RuinsAdamantite
ArchaeAvis215World 1Lonka RuinsAdamantite
Chim.Brain216World 1Ruined City Meteor-
Puroboros217World 1Walse Meteor-
Titan218World 1Karnak Meteor-
Gilgamesh 1219World 2Exdeath CastleAnti Barrier
Gilgamesh 2220World 2Big BridgeBig Bridge Key
Tyrasaurus221World 2Moogle Cave-
Abductor222World 2Bal Castle-
HiryuuPlant223World 2Hiryuu Valley-
Gilgamesh 3 & Enkidou224World 2Zeza FleetHiryuu Call
Atmos225World 2Barrier TowerSubmarine Key
Guardians326World 2Mua ForestElder Branch
Carbunkle327World 2Exdeath Castle (Transformed)Anti Barrier & Bracelet
Gilgamesh 4328World 2Exdeath Castle (Transformed)Anti Barrier & Bracelet
Antlion329World 3Tule Pass-
Gargoyles330World 3PyramidPyramid Page
Ramuh331World 3Solitary ShrineShrine Page
Shoat332World 3Great TrenchTrench Page
Golem333World 3Istory FallsFalls Page
Merugene334World 3PyramidPyramid Page
Stalker335World 3Solitary ShrineShrine Page
Odin336World 3Bal Castle-
Triton, Neregeid & Phobos337World 3Great TrenchSubmarine Key, Trench Page
Omniscient338World 3Fork TowerElder Branch
Minotauros339World 3Fork TowerElder Branch
Leviathan340World 3Istory FallsSubmarine Key, Falls Page
Gogo341World 3Sunken Walse TowerSubmarine Key
Bahamut342World 3North MountainMirage Radar
Calofisteri443RiftRift1 Tablet
Apanda444RiftRift2 Tablets
Apocalypse445RiftRift3 Tablets
Catastroph446RiftRift3 Tablets
Halicarnaso447RiftRift4 Tablets
Twin Tania448RiftRift4 Tablets
Necrophobe449RiftVoid4 Tablets

A visual reference can be found here

For the below, any item in brackets means you need that key item or to have defeated the listed boss location in order to access it.

World 1

  • WingRaptor: Top floor of the Wind Shrine. Can also be found there in World 3.
  • Karlabos and Siren: Enter the Torna Canal. After fighting Karlabos, you’ll be taken to the Ship Graveyard, where Siren awaits at the end.
  • Magisa & Forza: On North Mountain. Can also be found there in World 3.
  • AdamanTiMi: In the Meteor next to Tycoon Castle.
  • Shiva: Enter Walse Castle, then head into the moat on the east side. Head to the waterfall in the back and walk into it to find a small tower with Shiva at the top.
  • Crayclaw: Enter the Ruined City north of Jacole and head straight up to be dropped into the underground base. Proceed to the furthest ship there, Cid and Mid will walk past you. Follow them up to the wheel of the ship and activate it, this prompts the airship to lift off. Talk to Cid again on deck to trigger the fight.
  • Ifrit: In the Ancient Library, near the start of the dungeon.
  • Puroboros At the meteor next to the Walse Tower.
  • Titan: Inside the meteor east of Karnak.
  • Chimera Brain (defeat Crayclaw): After defeating Crayclaw, the Ruined City will instead be replaced with a meteor. Chimera Brain is inside.
  • Galura (need Walse Tower Key): Top floor of the Walse Tower.
  • Liquid Flame and Iron Claw (need Steamship Key): The Steamship is still located outside of Karnak - it's now indicated by a re-enterable shrine instead. Liquid Flame is at the end. This leads immediately to the Karnak Escape, and Iron Claw’s location at the end.
  • Sandworm (need Sandworm Bait): Enter the desert to the immediate west of the Ancient Library to trigger this fight if you have the key item.
  • Byblos (need Ifrit’s Fire): In the Ancient Library, at the very end.
  • Sol Cannon and ArchaeoAvis (need Adamantite): Once you have the Adamantite, you can raise altitude with your airship. This takes you to the Lonka Ruins where you can find both bosses.

World 2

  • Tyranosaurus: Southwest of the moogle village and the desert areas is a small 3×3 forest. Enter it and talk to the moogle to reveal the underground waterway; the boss is at the end.
  • Abductor: At Bal Castle, enter the gate, stand between the two guards, and press A to trigger the boss fight.
  • HiryuuPlant: At the end of Hiryuu Valley.
  • Gilgamesh 1 (need Anti-Barrier): Enter Exdeath’s Castle and descend to the basement.
  • Gilgamesh 2 (need Big Bridge Key): Fought upon the Big Bridge.
  • Gilgamesh 3 (need Hiryuu Call): Ride the Hiryuu from your default W2 location roughly southeast to the continent with Exdeath’s castle, then find Xezat’s ship on the east end. Land on it, go down inside, and enter the door on the right and sleep. Go back on deck, talk to Xezat, and this spawns the fight. Afterwards, you will need to dip belowdecks and then come right back up and get on the Hiryuu in order to be able to leave.
  • Atomos (need Submarine Key): Take the Submarine to the southeastern edge of Exdeath’s castle area. You’ll find an entrance to the Barrier Tower underwater here.
  • Crystals (need Elder Branch): Fly to Moore and enter the forest to the east; the crystals await at the end.
  • Carbuncle, Gilgamesh 4, and Exdeath (need Anti-Barrier and Bracelet): Enter Exdeath’s Castle and head upstairs to reveal its true form. When you reach the trap with the circle of pitfalls, the northernmost skull will teleport you to Carbuncle’s location. A couple floors up, after the save point, opening the lone chest in a large room then trying to proceed further up will trigger Gilgamesh 4. Finally, Exdeath awaits on the top floor. He is mandatory if World 3 is locked, and defeating him unlocks world 3. He is optional if you do not have World 3 locked; defeating him will reduce the first phase of the final boss to 1 HP, and also grant you a choice of 1 of 3 duplicate key items that may unlock additional checks.

World 3

The following bosses can (theoretically) be reached from World 3 as well: WingRaptor, Ifrit, Byblos, Melusine, Shiva, HiryuuPlant, Abductor, Odin. LiquidFlame and IronClaw may be accessible as well after the Fork Tower. The four Sealed Dungeons all have a Gargoyle boss outside. These bosses are still randomized, but are very weak, and do not give an item check.

  • Antlion: Fly to the south entrance of the Pirate Cave and Boko will appear. Catch a ride around through castle Tycoon, then west past Tule; on the river, you’ll arrive at a canyon that will trigger the boss as you pass through.
  • Odin: In the basement of Bal Castle - you have to go through the cave, the basement is locked. Odin’s encounter no longer has a 1 minute timer, regardless of who is fought there.
  • Bahamut: Travel to the Mirage Village (unlocked via Mirage Radar) in the southernmost forest of the map to board the Black Chocobo, then fly him to the northeast corner and land in the forest next to the large desert. This lets you access North Mountain again, where Bahamut will be waiting at the very end.
  • Merugene (need Pyramid Page): Top of the pyramid. This has been changed from its long time location of being at the Guardian Tree.
  • Gogo: Go underwater north of Walse Castle and enter the sunken tower. Note that you are still subject to the 7 minute time limit down here!
  • Stalker (need Shrine Page): Found in the Solitary Island Shrine.
  • Omniscient and Minotauros (need Elder Branch, complete the Crystals location boss fight): With Cara in your party from completing Moore Forest, you can enter the Fork Tower. Note that the no-magic and no-phys restrictions of the fights are tied to the bosses themselves, not their locations, so you’ll be free to use normal strategies; you do have to split your party up still though!
  • Leviathan (need Falls Page and Submarine Key): Go underwater just south of Istory in order to find the entrance to the Falls dungeon. Grab the “tablet” (not actually a tablet) on the final floor and then walk north to find Leviathan.
  • Triton, Neregeid & Phobos (need Trench Page and Submarine Key): Enter the trench that is located underwater, north from Crescent Island.
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