Tiering and Randomization

Currently, there are two main tiering systems: Boss Tiering and Reward Tiering

Boss Tiering

There are 49 boss formations (42 before the Rift, plus 7 in the Rift/Void, not counting the final boss) in FFV. The 42 before the Rift are considered a boss check for key items (check the boss locations page for such bosses), except for a few removed (for example, the guardian Gargoyles fight locations do not yield a boss check, they only guard a dungeon's exterior). Bosses are given both a Tier and a Rank based on their original location. Each location's original HP is preserved, then undergoes a series of changes to its new boss upon randomization, including stats and AI of the new boss.

Tiers are an integral part of this system. There are the following parameters per boss location:

  • Tiers: 1 through 4

Tiers represent major shifts in boss location power. When a boss changes tiers (e.g., from Tier 1 to Tier 2), it will change its AI movepool to reflect this change. A simple example is Shiva, who will cast Ice2 in a Tier 2 location, but will cast Ice3 in a Tier 3 location.

As of v0.79, Ranks represent the individual location where the newly randomized boss will assume. Stats are scaled from 0 - 100% from their rank 1 location (WingRaptor) to their rank 49 location (Necrophobe). Every boss in the vanilla game is assigned both a Tier and a Rank, roughly in order of how the base game progresses.

As part of randomization, every boss at every tier is given specific AI and stats. For example:

Boss Tier AI Magic Power Stat
Shiva 1 Ice1 0
Shiva 2 Ice2 0
Shiva 3 Ice3 10
Shiva 4 Ice3, Snowstorm 20

The following is an example of how boss location randomization might occur:

  • Ifrit's location will be replaced with Catastrophe. Catastrophe will become an easier boss to reflect its new location at Ancient Library
  • Ifrit's location in Ancient Library is a Tier 1, Rank 8 boss location, with 3000HP
  • Catastrophe, although originally a Tier 4, Rank 46 boss, will now assume the role of a Tier 1, Rank 8 boss, and be placed at Ifrit's location
  • Catastrophe will now take its Tier 1 stats (which are much less than its original), and take its specific Rank 8 stats
  • Catastrophe will now take its Tier 1 AI (which is much less aggressive than its original)
  • Catastrophe will now have 3000HP, the same as Ifrit's location
  • Now, Catastrophe is a feasible fight to tackle at the Ifrit location in Ancient Library, and Ifrit will be placed elsewhere

You can refer to the |boss locations explanation page, and for more details refer to the spreadsheet of statistics per boss tier here. You can easily look up the above example by finding Catastrophe in the “enemy_name” column, and Ifrit in the “loc_name”, which represents Catastrophe's stats at Ifrit's location.

Reward Tiering

Reward Tiering is a setting of the randomizer upon generating a seed. Reward Tiering is a concept that generally applies to all Rewards in the game, including events (such as collecting Job Crystals or an NPC giving an item), chests, and also all shops. All Rewards are considered part of one large pool per seed.

Collectibles refer to the placed item, ability, job crystal, or magic yielded from a Reward.


  • Reward: Crystal from Black Chocobo
  • Original Collectible: Hunter Crystal
  • New Collectible: Chemist Mix Ability

Tiering introduces the concept of assigning a Tier of 1 through 9 to all individual Rewards and all individual Collectibles in the game, such that newly generated Collectibles will be placed in Reward locations that match its Tier value:

High Tier Rewards: Mirage Village, World 3, Rift of Dimension, The Void
High Tier Collectibles: Mimic Crystal, GilToss Ability, Ragnarok
Mid Tier Rewards: Crystal from Black Chocobo, Karnak Escape Treasure Chest, Wind Crystal
Mid Tier Collectibles: Mix Ability, Ninja Crystal, Fire Bow
Low Tier Rewards: Tule Beginner House Treasure Chest, Wind Shrine Treasure Chest
Low Tier Collectibles: Leather Armor, Mythril Dagger

Such that in the above example:


  • Reward: Crystal from Black Chocobo (Tier 4)
  • New Collectible: Chemist Mix Ability (Tier 4)

Because the Reward event “Crystal from Black Chocobo” is a Tier 4 location, a Collectible of a Tier 4 value was chosen to be randomly placed there.

This generally is what occurs among the pool of all Rewards. A few notes:

  • There are exceptions to the above system, but in general, Collectibles will be placed at Reward locations with tiers of equal or less value of the Reward location. So, it is highly unlikely that an Excalibur will appear in a shop in Tule, but might possibly appear in a Mirage Village shop
  • Depending on the settings chosen for the seed, the Tiering system will attempt to place all possible unique Collectibles (again, all items, magic, abilities and crystals) in a seed.
    • An exception may apply to job crystals, where each seed has a set “difficulty” rating that limits the number of crystals per seed (There is a setting to guarantee all job crystals, however, to accommodate this)
  • Monster-in-a-box locations will always result in a Tier 9 Collectible
  • Shops are given a Tier associated with their entire shop, and all open slots in the shop will be placed with Collectibles of matching tiers. Example, Mirage Village Weapon Shop is a Tier 6 location, so all Collectibles placed for sale will be (usually) less than or equal to Tier 6

There is a general flow of Tiering progression from World 1 (beginning of the game) through the Void (the end of the game), with some intentional deviations to encourage certain actions. For example, most Treasure Chests in the Wind Shrine are Tier 1, but defeating the boss and accessing the Wind Crystal event gives a few Tier 4 checks, to reward the player for overcoming the boss and hastening party progression. Areas locked behind Key Items such as Mirage Village, the Pyramid in World 3, and Moogle Village all have high tier Rewards

You can review the list of reward tiers here, and Collectible tiers for items, abilities, magic, and crystals.

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