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A number of changes have been made to the base (vanilla) game to accommodate the open world randomizer. The vanilla game had no intent for visiting areas in abstract order, and certainly did not intend for visiting different worlds. First review the key items page to make sure you understand each key item and what it unlocks, and the boss locations page to understand all the boss locations and their requirements. This page will not always explain exactly why a change is made, but in general, the changes are made to accommodate either logical chains for player progression, or to prevent bugs. In particular, erratic game behavior arises when players transition between worlds when not using the WarpShard.


  • The player can use the WarpShard in many locations, but some locations disallow warping. Disallowed warp areas include those during special sequence areas (like Fork Tower, Zeza Fleet and Kuzar Castle upstairs) and some other exceptions.
  • All vehicles that are granted via Key Items, and the airship, are always relocated to the closest world warp via warping using the WarpShard. You can never lose a vehicle permanently.
  • Some areas can be accessed from multiple worlds. For example, North Mountain can be accessed in Worlds 1 and 3. In World 1, the Magisa & Forza fight is present, and in world 3, both the Magisa & Forza and Bahamut fights are present. The game has overall been changed to allow for access bosses from any world
  • In seeds where the player is locked initially to World 1, the Adamantite Key Item allows for access to World 2
  • In seeds where the player is locked to World 2, defeating Exdeath in World 2 will unlock World 3, which is accessible via the key items Anti-Barrier (to enter Exdeath's Castle) and the Bracelet (to transform Exdeath's Castle)

World 1

  • The entrance to Torna Canal can be entered and re-entered to transport the player to the Ship Graveyard. The Ship Graveyard is a one-way exit to the world map, and the back entrance to the Ship Graveyard can not be entered from the world map.
  • Access to the Catapult (Cid/Mid's secret underwater base) is granted via the Ruined City, which can be reentered until defeating Crayclaw location. Upon defeating CrayClaw location, Ruined City access changes to the Lonka Meteor, and access to the Catapult is granted via the submerge access outside Crescent Town. Earth Crystal no longer influences world map change. This was done to clean up the world map graphical weirdness with the Ruined City meteor & town. The player will never be locked out of the Catapult area (access to Steamship) because Crayclaw also unlocks the base entrance
  • The Steamship is accessible outside Karnak Town, in a Shrine icon used because of a limitation of the game engine. Entering the Steamship and completing its events will transport the player to Karnak Castle, and the Karnak Escape sequence will begin.

World 2

  • Moogle Village is not accessible without the Moogle Suit key item
  • Zeza Fleet sequence is available via Hiryuu Call, and sleeping in the cabin will trigger the sequence. Upon defeating the boss at the Gilgamesh 3 & Enkidou location, the player can go downstairs to the cabin, and resurface to use the Hiryuu to leave.
  • Barrier Tower is accessible from the Submarine only, and not through Zeza Fleet. The entrance is underwater, in the eastern stretches of the Exdeath continent, directly under the fleet.

World 3

  • The Cave of Jachol exit into Bal Castle (Odin location) is now only a one-way exit. Meaning, the player can no longer go down the cave from Bal Castle. The player can access the Odin basement from Cave of Jachol in World 3 at any time.
  • Access to the Rift is immediately available. However, progressive access to the deeper parts of the Rift is granted based on the number of Tablets.
  • The 4 bosses at the Gargoyle locations outside of the Pyramid, Solitary Shrine, Great Trench and Istory Falls all do not yield Key Item checks, but rather gate deeper access to these areas. They are replaced with 4 unique battles instead of 4 Gargoyle battles. The 4 battles are Gargoyle, Shoat, Ramuh and Golem, which were added to the boss pool.
  • The Pyramid location has a boss at its end, and therefore the Guardian Tree just to the east of the pyramid no longer has a boss check. In addition, the Pyramid offers many rewards in its chests.


  • Upon completing the Necrophobe location in the Void, a permanent warp to this area is available via the WarpShard warp area.

Portal Bosses

Portal Bosses are optional content added to the game. They offer custom boss experiences that rival those of the final boss in difficulty. One portal boss is selectable upon generating a seed, or you can let seed generation choose it randomly. The first boss added was SomberMage in v0.77, other Portal Bosses added later are RainSenshi and DragonClan.

Requirements to fight:

  • All 4 Tablets
  • Completing at least one of the meteors among Karnak, Walse and Lonka Ruins

Upon entering any of the above meteors, the player will be placed in a special arena (Exdeath's Tomb), and can challenge the boss.

Shinryuu & Omega

Shinryuu and Omega are now randomized with completely randomized AI pools and stats. Their AI patterns are similar to their vanilla AI patterns, but they are replaced with a completely random moveset with boundaries on AOE, Status & Single Target skills/spells. Two NPCs in the game, one at Moogle Village and another at Mirage Village, will tell the player information about Shinryuu & Omega.

Phoenix Tower & Code of the Void

Upon accessing the credits, the credits will display a “Code of the Void”, which allows access to Phoenix Tower. Phoenix Tower now offers a battle at every Magic Pot, which now yield 65535 EXP and 255 ABP, and always drops an Elixir after battle. There is no boss at this location, it is purely for power leveling.

EXP Formula

In addition to the above Phoenix Tower, the EXP requirements post level 50 are permanently changed to be very, very fast leveling up. In the event the player wants to power level for Shinryuu & Omega (or any other boss), they will gain levels very quickly. wow!!

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