Here's more detailed information on major settings available for the randomizer. This page is up to date for v0.76.0 - if the version is higher than that, there may be new settings that have been made available since.

Main Options

  • Randomize Job Color Palettes: Completely cosmetic. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Place all rewards: Does what it says: all items, abilities, and magic will be obtainable somewhere. Note that due to Progressive Abilities's functionality, you may end up unable to collect them all.
  • Enforce all jobs: Similar to placing all rewards; this covers Jobs explicitly and ensures they will all be discoverable somewhere in the game. Does nothing for you if Four Job Mode is also active.
  • Progressive bosses: Strengthens bosses in Worlds 1 & 2 where their key item requirements are placed in Worlds 2 & 3. Explanation at the boss tiering page. NOTE: This setting has been removed due to bugs in implementation, but it may return in the future.
  • Progressive rewards: Magic and abilities will follow logical progression when obtained via chests and events. For example, a chest may have “Progressive Bolt” spell, which means the player will get Bolt1 if the player doesn't have any Bolt magic, will get Bolt2 if the player has Bolt1, and will get Bolt3 if the player has Bolt2 or Bolt3 (redundancy). This is recommended when playing with Open World settings instead of locked seeds, otherwise World 3 will yield much higher tier goods and is immediately accessible. With this setting applied, even goods in World 3 will adhere to logical progression. However, for world locked seeds, playing without this setting is recommended, because when the player proves they can access World 2 or World 3, they can reap the benefits of higher tier goods without having to “prove” they've collected chests in earlier worlds.
  • Remove NeoExdeath: Removes NeoExdeath from boss pool, shuffles his location among the other bosses, and replaces his fight with a free Goblin fight. The Goblin fight will have very basic AI, but matching HP of the location (just like any other fight), and NeoExdeath will not be part of the seed at all.
  • Disallow ability placement: This is primarily designed for Four Job mode, but can be used with any setting. Abilities will not be placed in the game (in shops & rewards), but can be learned on jobs as per normal.

In-battle Reset Command

While in battle, the player can cause the party to become petrified, acting as a soft-reset and sending the player back to the title screen. While in battle, press Start, then use the button combination [Start + Select + L]. Then press Start to unpause to enable this behavior.

World Locking Logic

The biggest setting option currently available. This determines which worlds are available to you immediately, and the overall flow of your game:

  • All Worlds Open: Easiest. Your WarpShard allows you to access all three worlds immediately, giving you full access to a huge number of shops and chests, as well as the convenience of many locations in the same world. All you need to do is get the 4 Tablets to enter the void and defeat NeoExdeath. Challenging Exdeath in his castle is entirely optional in this mode. If you do it, Tree Exdeath in the final battle will be reduced to 1 HP, and you will be given a choice of three non-tablet Key Items to take; these key items are duplicates, but may open up a good opportunity to you.
  • Only World 1 available: Hardest. Your WarpShard can be used, but initially can only take you back to the default point in world 1, limiting your options for shops, chests, and bosses. Once you find the Adamantite key item, you can travel to World 2. Find the Bracelet and Anti-Barrier, and you can face Exdeath in his castle to unlock access to World 3. Finally, get all the tablets and you can take out Neo Exdeath.
  • World 1 & 2 available: Middle ground. You will need to defeat Exdeath in his castle to access World 3, but are not locked out of world 2 shops/chests/boss locations at the start.

Reward Tiering

Refer to the randomization tiering page for an explanation on Reward Tiering, which is optional (default on).

Overflow Chance/Threshold is a chance that rewards from a given location will randomly be higher than stated. For instance, the default Chance of 10% and Threshold of 1 means that a World 2 shop has a 1/10 chance of carrying a tier 4 reward instead.

Randomized Weapons

Refer to the weapon randomization page for an explanation on Randomized Weapons.

Weapon randomization percent is the percentage of randomized weapons that “overwrite” vanilla weapons. When set to 100%, every weapon in the game will be a new randomized weapon. When set to 75%, 75% of the weapons will be newly randomized weapons (e.g., Cure3 Staff, Human Killer Bow), and randomly selected 25% will be untouched vanilla weapons (e.g., Murasame, Epee).

Randomize Loot

This changes the two drops (normal/rare) and two steals (normal/rare) for each enemy. None doesn't change drops/steals at all. Match only changes drops and steals for enemies that already have them - empty slots remain empty. Full fills up the loot table of all enemies. Variable lets you set the chance that any given loot table slot is filled.

Randomizing the loot table in some manner is likely to be rewarding, as it's very rare for enemies or bosses to give much of value. However, there are some static drops that can be valued: Ramuh/Shoat/Golem by default drop their summons after being fought as a boss, for instance, and controlling Prototypes in World 1 is a popular source of Dark Matter for either Chemists or selling.

Four Job settings

  • Four Job Mode: Optional extra challenge. Four jobs will be given to you at the start of the game; you will be unable to get any more. Furthermore, in order to leave the menu, you must have all four different jobs equipped to one party member each. This means you can switch which party member is in which job (Good for learning abilities from each other!), but you will still retain the same overall composition at all times. Abilities are not restricted; you can still freely equip any learned abilities, whether from the other jobs assigned or that have been found/purchased.
  • Job Choices: Each job can be manually or randomly assigned for Four Job mode. The randomizer will ensure that Four jobs are assigned, for example if 2 Random and 2 manually assigned are chosen.

Chaos settings

These settings yield much more chaotic results than the others, which tend to be more structured and sensible. They're all perfectly usable, but will have unpredictable consequences.

  • Randomize Default Abilities: Every Job has 4 abilities when you switch to a Job, usually !Fight, !Item, and one other with a blank slot. This setting makes it such that every time you swap to a Job, you'll be getting 4 default abilities that are randomized. For instance, you could swap to Thief who has default abilities !X-Fight, !Dimen, !Flirt and !Mix. Given the nature of FFV, you can “unequip” the 3rd ability to something else (and the 2nd for Freelancer, and 2nd/4th for Mimic), but you can always re-apply the Job change to get those abilities back. For abilities with multiple levels (e.g., !Black, !MgcSwd), default abilities are set to the max level for this mode.
  • Randomize Learning Abilities: Every Job has abilities it learns. This setting shuffles all learned abilities among all jobs. For example, a Knight in vanilla learns Cover → !Guard → 2Handed → EqShield → EqArmor → EqSword. With this setting, the Knight may learn !Summon3 → Learning → Preemptive → !X-Magic → !Jump → !MgcSwd6, and no other Job will learn these abilities.


Menu configurations options are still changeable in-game. They include the EXP/ABP multiplier and the menu colors. As of v0.82, each character can be renamed before the seed's generation (except for Butz, who is named in-game).

Misc. Options

  • Skip intro tutorial: Remove dialog with Choco at the beginning of a seed
  • Grant Key Items: Grants all Key Items at the beginning of a seed. Used for easier playthroughs, not intended for racing. Cara may still be required for Fork Tower
  • Start with Cara: Start with Cara instead of Galuf. There are no other consequences, and the “get Cara at Mua Forest” event still happens and is required for Fork Tower
  • Randomize Music: All music tracks are shuffled. HIGHLY experimental, some areas may softlock. Testing appreciated
  • Every step encounters: When encounters are turned on, every step yields an encounter. This is useful for grinding in certain areas for EXP, drops or Blue magic
  • Free shops: All shops are free - every shop's contents cost 0 gil
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